My New York Minute

This is a short longΒ story about a recent trip I had. It is written raw and not edited, so please excuse any weird sentence structure. It is pretty much a recount… Last month, I took a trip to New York and it was as challenging as it was beautiful and rewarding. A fortnight later, I … More My New York Minute

How We Met #2

“Oh young love. Hold onto one another.” The great drawings are back. I was just going for a stroll in the rain (because who doesn’t love doing that) embracing the new season coming in. I was across the road from a bus stop, waiting to cross the road. I saw this snapshot of what I … More How We Met #2

How We Met #1

Welcome to my ‘How We Met’ series. My favourite question to ask couples, whether they have been together weeks or years, is β€œHow Did You Guys Meet?” “I don’t remember how we first met, we were friends for a fair while before I started falling for him… He thinks it was at a car meet. … More How We Met #1

Sometimes I ‘SPORTS’

When I think of group sports, I only imagine kids playing or adults who are playing sport for their career. I never imagine a bunch of people getting together on a lazy, hot Sunday afternoon to play against some random folks. But guess what! It happens! And its fun! I suggest it.